Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The voice of China finals there is no dark side

Zhang won a already know the ending. The voice of China has had four sessions, operate, clear.

One wrong title after losing 500 dollars, sent a complaint: "the voice, issue. "--This is my friend's one joke. On the Web, "shady said" everywhere.

"The inside story", is there?

Still broadcast on television singing a APP but the "Zhang Lei won" message pops up. Uninformed users, the anger. By now, netizens are so naïve, which is hard.

Do the live broadcast in China, latency is a must. Five minutes, is the Foundation. But this time, the voice of the finals, but rare delayed for 50 minutes. Specific actions are: bird's nest live performances starting from 19:10 minutes and ended at 22 o'clock. Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast TV time from 20 o'clock, about 22:50 end. This figure, 50 minutes slower than the spot television version.

Zhang's win.

For 50 minutes, heaven and Earth. Bright star-making in recent years, has been broadcast live on hard skill. Is very simple, is the voice of the finals again, "the scene of the accident" and revenge. From the dancing with the stars of the masked King, freestyle training. Today on the examination room, the effect is good, everyone has seen. Possible mentors are true strength does not sing as well.

For 50 minutes, in addition to programs outside groups prepared full edit, security is a major consideration. Well, the point. Say 2 hours and 50 minutes, 2 hours and 50 minutes, not more than a second. Sharp-eyed netizens will find that new song Mo NG in the bird's nest, but on television, but not her figure. Yes, it was cut because of timeout.

Delay said so many of the benefits, a fatal disadvantage. That is-would be a spoiler. Television still broadcast, but already in the air the network. In addition to verbal condemnation, no law. Although television and Internet are two sets of users, but the impact of this kind of Word of mouth, impossible to assess. This United States cartoons is the heavy fighter

Back to the Championship. Some writers said, "Zhang is the Ballad of victory". HA HA. Some things, no need to leave. In program production, business value, corporate operation, subsequent development-the champion must be of such dimensions is the bright star students--which is contracted by seven inches. To calculate from all dimensions, Zhang was the champion of the best candidates.

If you champion the impression is not deep, so be it. Player quality, is the voice of this big problem, I would have said. If some bad players, then the outcome may be more satisfactory. But, reality has taken place, saying nothing.

In fact, no champion, also so happened. From Liang Bo and Zhang Bichen, slightly smaller. Wu Mo Chou, has been slowly into Giants. As for Chen Zitong, ranking is not important, isn't it? Jay Chou concert invited her, and also cares for the trophy?

Mentors and students present at the press conference.

Wang Feng, a large number of media relations are bad--this is the voice of this year's biggest regret. The thought of new model changes can break the situation of pork. However, the sound still. Wang Feng, the students really be manslaughter, not tables. But much of the media had a prejudice against him and show, it is an indisputable fact.

After the finals, in the face of numerous journalists, the British kept thanks to: "I cannot hide my joy, told his low-key, understated and low-key. Special thanks to the media voted for me. We continue next year, media, come on! Media is very good! "-The peacemaker, someone had to be when.

Next year, Wang Feng continued as a mentor, I wasn't aware of that. But Jay will come, Yes. Because he had signed a two-year contract. In fact, I still hope they kept my heart Chair. Jay up first half of publicity, Wang Feng, last second half topic, how well partners. What songs to whatever student wants the position.

Harlem once said, "truth is a game a dream. Games, fun is good. Dream, hope it is a good dream. "Words on this, there is no darkness, members found.

Oh, forgot to say. The voice of China be a variety show. Don't forget to this property.