Saturday, October 3, 2015

Flight attendant uncivil ridicule flights first aid attend meals by a female

A foreign social networking sites recently photos some uncivil behaviour on the plane, including put the pedal to the portholes, and so on. CFP

A small cabin for a short or long trip, is to focus on personal qualities, communications travel window of civilization. At the peak of the national day holiday, the reporter interviewed flight attendant, listen to them about the flight of the civilized and uncivilized. Breaking News

Behind the little things, those uncivilized

A foreign social networking sites recently photos some uncivil behaviour on the plane: sleep with bare arms, put the pedal to the portholes, and chewing gum stuck to the seat belt and so on, global online buzz. Flight attendants interviewed said such a thing also many tourists in the country.

Flight attendant Wang Ya was working for a foreign airline in two years, that she was most impressed thing occurs in the recruits finish training on the flight flew to China for the first time. There was a sudden onset in older passengers, as the unit only a Chinese crew, she became the main emergency room service too busy.

To her surprise, was witnessed some passengers did not understand the process, but blamed her failure to timely delivery. The middle-aged female passenger began to scold her. , A steady passenger stood up and expressed dissatisfaction. "I had some crashes. "She said.

Late last year, Thailand Bangkok on AirAsia flights to Nanjing, Chinese tourists happened to flight attendant poured the noodles, and the incidents of abuse, threats, two tourists from China which ranked "national visitor record of uncivil behavior" file. Wang Ya said in Bangkok flew to Shanghai on a flight, she encountered a large flight of things.

At that time, the Lady does not look comfortable, ask about, she had a history of serious heart problems, and has not rested for seven or eight days, not suitable for flight, crew chief recommended that she came to the hospital to check it.

"On us when she was angry, very big, says she won't die, be sure to go back to Shanghai, has gone. "Wang Ya said, and police had to put the passenger off the plane.

Flight attendants said Hu Wei, few blankets on the domestic flight, generally give priority to the elderly, children or pregnant women. At one point, a young man came to blankets, peak was boarding, flight attendants are busy arranging passengers find their seats, luggage, so he said, immediately after taking over. But he said because the cold so soon, when in fact he was sweating in the heat.

Similar things too numerous to list. A drink didn't drink, but also three more cups in front of his and pedals to the front passenger seat on the back of economy but to see the business class seats sat in the past; in flight safety checks and ready to take off on the phone, and male passengers in the name of catering to the flight attendant hands ... ...

Flight attendants said that while they do occur in the meal, change seats, asking for blankets, headset and other small segment, but all have a common characteristic: a self-centered, security awareness is not strong, rude, does not consider the feelings of other passengers and crew.

Recipient of civilization, fragrance in hand

The flights coming and going, some warm feelings. For five years, most flight attendants are Liu Jie, once a female passengers feel uncomfortable after taking off, the crew broadcast looking for health-care workers. One pediatrician, a nurse and a passenger who had studied medicine, immediately rushed over to help.

Flight attendant Shell to remember, once because of bad weather, flights have been delayed for a long time, a passenger in the cabin and make noise. Then next to a passenger to help patient to discourage, she was touched by this kind suddenly.

On a plane, fly to Hangzhou in Paris last year as passengers caused two to throw toilet paper toilet block, the remaining two have to overload, causing passenger queues can only go to the bathroom.

In the impression of Liu Jie, toilets and even on some flights have not swept clean for a few hours. "I saw a teenage boy, after finish bathroom scrubbed toilets, wash-basin, no water on the ground, or even paper towels are folded into a triangle. "She said.

In this regard, Hu Wei also deep experience. She said in some route Shang, passengers put meal disc Pack have special neatly, convenient crew Pack; some passenger will will with had of blankets folding good neatly to put in seat Shang; shoes Shi will is note feet whether has odor, so as not to let other passengers does not apply; empty took with passengers Exchange Shi, they will immediately stopped is do of things, and shows to smile; left flights Shi will with crew thanks.

Civilized and uncivilized, cast in

For most passengers, make the flight, the flight attendants abusing and even fights, let children anywhere on the plane, these uncivil behavior reported in recent years may be very far away from. But in fact, for every passenger, and civilized and uncivilized, in its cast.

Liu Jie believe that flight's greatest civilizations, is to establish a sense of safety first. For flight attendants, from the first day of training, continuing education, safety is always first, without security there is no service. But some passengers don't understand the implementation of fasten your seat belts, turn off my cell phone, upright backrest requirements above, not very consciously.

Most important is good to others, and public awareness. Conflicts and contradictions on many flights, often is caused by small things. In many cases, more restrained, more understanding, and nature of the conflict does not escalate. "The plane is a public space, and we can't think of their own interests, but also to take care of the feelings of the other passengers, this is my deepest experience. "Liu Jie said.

Last year, the China outbound tourism has more than 100 million passengers, for most outbound travellers, itinerary starts from the plane, also from the end of the plane, everyone is a national quality window.

"Met most of the work during these years of domestic passengers is civilization, because few of the uncivilized behavior affects the whole image really hurts. "Wang Ya," said domestic passengers quality overall is improving, just hoping to improve faster and let the flight became a journey makes everyone feel good. "

Civilization sometimes is so simple, it may just need an understanding look, a respect for labour, a white smile. "When we say goodbye to passengers getting off the plane, if the other party to respond to a ' hard ' or nod and smile, my heart will warm for a long time. "Liu Jie said.