Monday, October 5, 2015

JMedia Youyou need the Nobel Prize

Author: son of Mowgli

On October 5, the Chinese Golden Week holidays, circle of friends, photography exhibitions, when Sweden's Nobel Committee does not leave. In their latest list of winners, from China's 85-year old Tu's name.


Tu award-winning news, is very topical subject in itself. This is because, in her body, there are too many eye-catching, very easily lead to disputes and even the controversy tag.

Like, she long-term research "medicine", and and from traditional books in the found has acts pigment of clues, and integrated Chinese and Western medicine of race now in network Shang has almost is involves ideology, and position, and care, even involves can happy to do friends; she of work up stems from 1970 era, by do of based sex work and in 40 years Hou get has world of height recognized; she was of is Nobel award, and this and precisely is Chinese extreme value and extreme anxiety of awards, MO even got the Nobel Prize for literature is still unable to quell the anxiety; she is an internationally renowned scientist in the world at the same time, his honor at home is not what the outside world think life-sized, nor even academicians; she is the fruit of collective work and merit, but Western awards can only grant one ... ...

Look, every point is so make sure. In fact, 2011 Youyou international second only to the Nobel Prize, and was recognized as "Nobel weathervane" Lasker Prize, around these topics, domestic media reported there have been round and controversy. Nobel Prize laureate was placed above Tu Shi when bury these issues will not be automatically, there will only be more discussion on values.


Ironic to say, a future study on is used to save the lives of millions of people, initially but is origins in the war.

On May 23, 1971, under the Prime Minister Zhou Enlai personally, called "523" confidential tasks from starting. This project is, of course, in order to study the response to malaria, but its real power is in the context of the Vietnam war. In swamps and rain forests of Vietnamese troops and the US military in Southeast Asia, are deeply plagued by malaria. And the medicine quinine, and there has been resistance to parasites.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the cultural revolution, the then senior scientists have sidelined. The young TU, joined the project group, the identity was "assistant researcher".

As you can imagine, in the historical conditions, the project difficult experimental conditions. Dozens of units of more than more than 500 researchers in 5 years time, screened more than 40,000 kinds of compounds and herbs before finally discovered artemisinin. Among them, TU's research group, screen has collected more than 800 multiple possible anti-malarial medicine; while the Yunnan team, collecting, recipes more than more than 4,300.

Corporate collaboration, task oriented, and today a clear project Division, organization and distribution of scientific research in different ways. Therefore, today will see that history, want to distinguish who is the deal, who have patented is equally difficult. But the international consensus is that TU by ether extraction of artemisinin was first proposed, and therefore can be said to contribute the most.


For a long period, Nobel is Chinese talking about anxiety.

This anxiety, for the name of a book, called the "anxiety of influence" – and the rapid development of economic and social power, in areas of Nobel Prize, China still lacks convincing major creation. Even Mo's Prize for literature, will also be considered "without first", so the debate continues, is not considered comparable.

Equally worrying, like Lu Xun said "Chinese people do lose confidence" type of questions: do Chinese people losing Creativity? Loss of imagination? Lost contributions yet?

Even, in TU award, will have similar questions: why good scientists, not even a Member? Such a person is not a member, why are there still so many people in question can be a Member? Our institutional mechanism can in fact be created?

Traditional system of scientific research, education, and have very different today. Settings can also be seen that even a Nobel prize – today seem to have sharp dividing line between medicine and Physiology, early in the Nobel Prize sets together, known as "Physiology or medicine". Award mechanism in the West and China are very different. Found in the emphasis on individual priority Western awards and stressed before the historical study on the value orientation of collectivism, values divide is apparent.

Is also needless, a Nobel same proves China's scientific research is impeccable--after all, the result of decades ago. New technology research and development, basic theoretical aspects, there are too many areas in need of improvement. Which is more worth the anxiety problem: today's China, there are not so many scholars like artemisinin research group, regardless of rank, no pay, just for purely scientific purposes, rather than project or evaluation, economic or return to work?

This is the matter of whether China can continue to produce Nobel-level results of core issues.


Tu Award for Science in China, Chinese people and the Chinese people, is of course a good thing. Stone falls for many years, China's scientific research is also finally achieved belated international recognition. This is recognized by China, but also to the cause of human recognition.

But in fact, the island Uncle privately speculated, TU, and then to participate in the study, many researchers, this may only be a trivial problem. Just think, if your skill is to sweep the priest, would you still care about their ashes xidu avatar name in it?

After all, compared with saving millions of lives, both honors and is a bonus, by contrast can be ignored. In China, because the number of people who die of malaria every year has fallen to a two-digit number, and in the past this could be hundreds of thousands of; in Africa and the vast number of developing countries, acts the same as "God's medicine", even parents of newborn children acts named goods.

And TU as well as award-winning, as well as two foreign scientists, who also was in recognition of research excellence to Ascaris parasites. As the 2011 assessment on the Lasker Awards, "in the history of human drugs, we celebrate a can relieve the pain of hundreds of millions of people and pressure, and save the lives of millions of people in hundreds of countries found that opportunities do not often". The famous biologist, Professor at Peking University in evaluation of TU, Rao said, these drugs have saved thousands of lives, we should speak highly of their work and their achievements. Science has a set of objective criteria, by argument can bring us closer to the truth.

In other words, today we are talking about TU, not to argue about who contributes more, whether there is any scientific significance of traditional Chinese medicine, is whether Chinese Nobel Prize distribution, but TU Group of scientists of the scientific spirit to renew--"our cause, will be written in the history of mankind." Wang it is necessary to change is not a good comrade