Monday, November 16, 2015

International hacker groups wearing v for Vendetta mask appearance declaring

Local time on 16th, internationally renowned hacking group anonymous (Anonymous) video over the network, the "Islamic State" a declaration of war, and said it would be "launched the biggest operations ever".

Terrorist attacks in Paris a few days ago has resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people, France the Government vowed to "destroy the enemy", and says it will not stop in Syria bombing.

According to Agence France-Presse reported, France parliamentary sources said France President he plans to present a national State of emergency was extended to three months.

France's Prime Minister says Valls, "we are at war", France will be to use unusual means to destroy the enemy, "we will win this war."

International hacker groups wearing

Meanwhile, France local treatment of the injured said the chief physician of the hospital, he saw in the hospital's conditions are more severe than seen in the theater.

IS the largest-ever cyber war

According to the United Kingdom, the mirror reported, internationally renowned hacking group anonymous (Anonymous) 16th, said extremist groups responsible for terrorist attacks in Paris "Islamic countries" (IS) war.

Anonymous Organization posted a video on YouTube. In the video, the organization said it would take advantage of the knowledge of the Organization to "unite all of humanity" and declared that terrorists "look forward to our (actions)."

International hacker groups wearing

In the video, anonymous spokesman wearing black clothes, his face wearing the Organization's trademark "v for Vendetta masks."

The spokesman said, "the anonymous from around the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and will not let you get away with. To you we will launch the largest action ever. " Huang qifan into Yu below term tuyu thin King

"Please expect massive cyber attacks. The war has begun. Please be prepared. "The anonymous spokesman said" France people more powerful than you, out of the atrocities to the French is more powerful. "

International hacker groups wearing

According to the report in the mirror, this is not hacking IS a declaration of war for the first time. The "hacktivists" (hacktivists) also published in their Twitter tweets saying, "make no mistake: anonymous are Dajisa (Islamic State of Daesh,' ' nickname) of war. We will not stop the opposition IS. Us hacker skills superior. "

13th night local time, several terrorist attacks in Paris. In Paris, a local hospital, treating wounded by terrorist attacks the patient's doctor feilipu·rufan (Philippe Juvin) that he saw in the hospital's conditions are more severe than seen in the theater.

Witnessing all the wounded had been silent

International hacker groups wearing

Philip ru European Georges Pompidou Hospital (Georges Pompidou European Hospital) physician. He said that, after the terrorist attack, about 50 injured people had been rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

Philip rufan said to reporters, "victims of the arms, legs and chest shot by bullets. You can't imagine how their mental trauma. Although it is difficult to explain, but many patients remained silent after being taken to hospital because of injury. "

"They see and experience them in a State of shock. No one can say anything. Their wounds are too big. "

"This not the same as seen in the movie everyone is crying. Reality is totally different. An ambulance to transport the injured to the hospital, no one spoke. "

According to the mirror newspaper reported that many other patients in the hospital after the completion of treatment and was discharged was approved, and was told to return to the hospital to seek psychological help. The hospitals also provide their employees with the same kind of help.

"Obviously, the medical team is very tired, and some of them also need psychological help, we need to help them make it through. "Philip rufan said," we need to wait a few days to determine whether the victim will leave lifelong pain. "