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The disney produtcions ABC TV reverses plans for you to outsource IT jobs

Disney case BEGYNDERBOG TV reverses plans to hand off IT jobs

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Arizona: Amid reports of a US governing probe of two top British IT companies for possible wrong doing of H-1B visa rules, The disney produtcions ABC TV has cancelled services to outsource IT jobs, pick a media reportJust two weeks elapsed, the Disney ABC Television Team told about 30 to 25 application developers that their contracts were being moved to an IT company with large offshore operations, Computerworld reported. But on Thursday, usually the Disney ABC TV Media Expertise & Strategy development team encouraged the developers that their layoffs were being rescinded, it said citing a Disney ABC source in spite of a Disney spokesperson declined opinion. The employees were notified of their approaching layoffs on May 28. Some needed already begun working on the "knowledge transfer" process of training employees of the products services contractor Cognizant Technology Replies, a US-based firm with essential offshore operations, it said. Someone affected Disney ABC IT laborer cited by Computerworld speculated just that Disney`s change of heart buying one is linked to the uproar over the paying for freelancers at another division, Parks and after that Resorts, which runs the idea parks. "They (Disney officials), would prefer this to go away -- right now, in the unnamed IT employee was likely quoted as saying. In Spring, Computerworld reported how IT personnel at Disney Parks and Places to stay had to train their replacements, a large amount of whom had recently arrived caused from India, as a condition of receiving severance. On Friday, the New York Occasions reported that the US has unclosed a visa violations probe easily into Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys for workers contracted to an electric utility utility, Southern California Edison, which not too laid off more than 500 technology personnel. "Many said they were made to get trained replacements who were immigrants on quick visas, known as H-1B, brought in due to the Indian firms, Tata Consultancy Organizations and Infosys, " the highly effective daily reported. Earlier on June 3 or more, the Times had reported that available 250 Walt Disney employees was initially laid off and replaced with Indians mariage H-1B visas. "Many of their contracts were transferred to immigrants on quick visas for highly skilled technical personnel, who were brought in by an paying for freelancers firm based in India, " it is said. The layoffs at The disney produtcions, Southern California Edison and other companies, "are raising new questions about how business and outsourcing companies are using the quick visas, known as H-1B, to place settlers in technology jobs" in the US, it is said.

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