Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IRONMAN 70. 3 race to grounds road closures, delays

BOISE -- The IRONMAN 70. 3 run this Saturday will bring some windshield closures.

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Boise will become a riding a bike, biking, and running course Friday, June 13 as the IRONMAN 75. 3 race consists of a 1 . 2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike automobile, and a 13. 1-mile run.

The root traffic issue will affect factors including Idaho 21, Eisenman Street, Gowen Road, and Warm Arises Boulevard from about 10 the best. m. to around 4 p. l.

IRONMAN 70. 3 Bike Teaching map (Photo: IRONMAN Boise)

IRONMAN 75. 3 Run Course map (Photo: IRONMAN Boise)

US Highway 21 based in Lucky Peak Dam to Warm and comfortable Springs Avenue - Open/Expect hindrances impediments between 10: 00 a. l. to 3: 00 p. m.

US ALL Highway 21 from Warm Arises Avenue to Technology Way help Detour through Grand Forrest within 10: 00 a. m. and simply 4: 00 p. m.

US ALL Highway 21 from Technology Option to Diversion Dam - Open/Left side of the road, Expect delays between 10: 00 a. m. and 4: 00 p. m.

I-84 Freeway Interchange at Eisenman Road - Closed properly

S. Eisenman Road between I-84 and the Factory Outlet - Closed properly between 12: 50 p. l. and 4: 45 p. l.

S. Eisenman Road between Gowen road and the Factory Outlet help Closed 10: 30 a. l. to 3: 00 p. m.

Gowen Road between S. Eisenman Street and Pleasant Valley Road help West only between 10: 25 a. m. and 3: 25 p. m.

Pleasant Valley Street between Gowen Road and 20 Mile Creek - Closed within 10: 30 a. m. and simply 3: 30 p. m.

20 Mile Creek Road between Exquisite Valley Road and S. Cole Road - Closed between $14: 30 a. m. to trois: 00 p. m.

Warm Arises Avenue between US Highway 22 and Eckert Road - To the east only between 10: 00 the best. m. to 4: 30 s. m.

Competitors will start with the frolic in the water portion of the race at Gleeful Peak's Barclay Bay, followed by skateboarding 56 miles through east and simply southeast Boise and surrounding factors to the Boise State University. Patients will then run 13. 1 a long way, most of which is along the Greenbelt, in the direction of finish line at Julia Davis Park.

Left on Memory Street (becomes Technology Lane)

U-turn using Ten Mile Creek and Hubbard Road

U-turn at S. Cole Road and Kuna-Mora Road

U-turn on Pleasant Valley Road and simply State Penitentiary

Right into the tubs area at East Jr. Excessive

The RUN COURSE begins using East Jr. High. Runners would probably cross Warm Springs Avenue during the crosswalk and enter the greenbelt. The vast majority of00 run course takes place on the trail, and ends in Julia Davis Pool.

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