Wednesday, July 29, 2015

available 6 PLUS Armband: Stalion® Specific sport Running & Exercise Gym Sportband iPhone 6 PLUS

iPhone to get involved with PLUS Armband: Stalion® Sports Glide & Exercise Gym Sportband available 6 PLUS (5. 5-Inch)[Lifetime Warranty](Jet Black)Water Resistant + Weight loss Proof + Key Holder plus ID / Credit Card / Financial wealth Holder

Bicolor TPU iPhone 6 Bumper Black/White

Feel free to vigorously use for the duration intense workouts, sports and stylish activity. Flex, jump, run, detach, and more! Designed for your convenience. A wonderful comfortable fit for your device and body chemistry! Made of lightweight high quality neoprene nylon material to provide ultimate comfort and agility although you train.

– The reflexive armband is sweat resistant and also easily cleaned.

– Securely holds your computer in place, all the while protecting it as clearly.

– The face cover is made of a specific scratch resistant material enabling standard navigational control during your activities without having to sacrifice touch screen sensitivity.

– Equipped with virtually any multi-position strap which allows for practice for different sizes: adjustable from 10″-14″. Adjust your necessary size over the durable Velcro straps.

– Presents slot for your earphone jack with the bottom if you need to charge your computer. Includes key hold slot.

: Rear pocket allows for safe cargo of ID, Credit Card, and Assets! Secure your device worry no charge and free your hands! Listen to a simple music with your hands free at your stylish or while you exercise.

– Will easily fit all versions of the iPhone to get involved with Plus (Models A1522 (GSM), A1522 (CDMA), A1524. Keep in mind this armband will not fit iPhone 6 bumper.

: Dual Strap Positioning allows for shifts ranging from 8. 5″-15″ for ALL adjustable rate mortgage sizes!

– Easily slip the product in and out of the rear of the armband with the device facing towards the fresh screen.

– Armband is not case friendly; any bulky cases must be removed before using.

Stalion Goodies offers a LIFETIME Warranty with this issue.

Call or Email Stalion Substantiate; hours Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM Eastern Fixed Time.

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