Saturday, July 25, 2015

Māori youngster takes on lead role have Disney's Aladdin

Over 70 aged talented performers from Young Aussie Broadway Chorus (YABC) will bring you see, the Disney Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case animated tale of Aladdin to life on stage next month in Melbourne.

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One of those talented performers is Lhe Whakatōhea descendant, Cody Green. My youngster takes on a lead function as Aladdin.

"I'm Cody, I have been 15 and I'm playing Aladdin, " says Cody.

He's you see, the youngest of four and has been referred to as a triple threat, being a talented pirater, dancer and actor.

For the past reasoning better years, he has been under the help and advice of YABC, which provides an exciting mixture tuition to on-stage performance.

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