Thursday, August 20, 2015

Web-Slinger Wednesday: Spider-Man News Roundup 5/27/15

Hey true believers, it's moment for another round up of Spider-Man news flash. This week was dry, to be honest. However there are a few things.

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First, we get started with with a Spider-Man fail. A Spider-Man was entertaining some kids in party by doing back-flips. He almost did one too many and…yeah.

Shall we turn it around. Once again, Spider-Man and children unite as Spider-Man, Batman iPhone case, and even Darth Vader (don't ask only how these three folks having together) were washing windows in children's hospital. Very cool. There were all other heroes involved too. Just a magical thing.

Remember Tyler James Williams? Folks knew him from Everybody Dislikes Chris and currently know him from The Walking Dead. Anyway, even though our organization basically have our Peter Parker, and we know the Spider-Man films are most likely about Peter, folks are still reportedly looking for Miles Morales. And Williams is on the wishlist for fans. Williams himself said he would be open on the way to playing that part.

Speaking of Spider-Man, Asa Butterfield is slotted to relax and play the role, though nothing is professional from Sony or Marvel. While, apparently, Butterfield said something in the Reddit account about playing each role. I wouldn't read an excessive amount into it though. But , passing the data along.

I'll wrap it up this particular wonderful story. A man surprises his/her son for his birthday using dressing up as Spider-Man and battling each Rhino. My favorite part is methods dad literally trained for the "role". That's some dedication.

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