Friday, August 21, 2015

Ryu Seung Bum Is His Of course Charming Self In High Cut

The Berlin File actor Ryu Seung Bum showed his on-point everyday style in the June scenario of High Cut. The actor plucked clothing straight out of his storage room for a naturally charming pictorial onto a rooftop and the streets of Seoul.

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The star's wardrobe included number of Adidas Originals shoes from the Bobby Smith collection. For instance, on the periodical cover he sported a light yellow pair of core black running shoes significance $80. In another photo, he lounged on a couch while presenting rays gray polka dot phone case running shows in addition , worth $80 at the Adidas normal online store.

During the accompanying interview, Ryu discussed his upcoming film Good Villains, which co-stars Go Jun Hee. The film is about portions strangers who discover a large n amount of money at a crash site and then set about a revenge spree against corrupted corporations.

He stated, "I would do a film without any makeup, too for the first time, I didn't wear numerous makeup in a movie. Over and above without needing makeup on my face, I seemed I had taken off a mask. Im seeking to live being true to myself. I reckon in the past I just acted like Being free-spirited, but now I feel freer compared to I did before. "

Ryu in addition , shared details about some of his spare-time activities in Paris during his family periods. He revealed, "I only took pictures, watched performances, and assess a lot of books I hadn't assess before. Right now, I'm learning guitar with steve krenz. "

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