Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mondays picture time the 110th

From now on, every Monday morning coffee break, love surprise will bring you interesting pictures gathered in the past week--you can make reports to the boss while easily browse, I hope you like it ~

1, ancient Superman

As we all know, ancient Egypt many murals have recorded some very weird things, many people believe that quite a few of them, are actually evidence of aliens on Earth – well, if we were in ancient Egypt paintings found Superman, Spider-man and United States captain? …… From the genius Illustrator Josh Lane works with Murat Palta, brother of the symbols of modern culture in the ancient times, turned out to be damn no PS mark, their standard Zhou bichang students catching up with last week's 5 night makeup, totally natural! Having to point a big great!!

• Star Trek and x-men

• Women's Federation and the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles

• Power Rangers and Spiderman

• Star Wars and beat Kings

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• Inception

• A Clockwork Orange

• Star Wars

• Scarred star

▲ The shining

• The Godfather

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• Pulp fiction

• Special

• Kill Bill Hermes iPhone


2, transparent tree

From designer Daniel Siering and Mario Schuster, a hyper-creative works, both succeeded in getting Germany becomes transparent in the middle of a tree:

How to achieve? Truth is not mysterious, two people in the tree's waist tied with a piece of canvas and then painted with a brush under a tree behind the scene ~


3, snake Beach

This is a world of Warcraft name serpent Beach--however, it exist in France's coast, each once addicted to Raid the fans want to get a piece of France tickets, and then through to make the pilgrimage ... ... From artist Huang Yong Ping's work, this is a 130-metre long metal snake, is located in the estuary of the river Loire in Nantes, and no worlds apart from the field of Visual, but simply reproduces a gray skeleton ... ... But freezing cold, but bring a super real to the touch--I really it is the remains of a mysterious creature.


4, crane views

As the bottom of society, is it possible to see the top view? --Crane driver from Shanghai Wei Gensheng gave his answer, he used the camera to record the perspective of his work, as a result, they are magnificent today!


5, frozen bubble

Being one photographer, maximum of benefits is, life in the even again humble of is beauty, you also can immediately will of professional to capture down, became eternal of classic--from photographer Angela Kelly of a group works, this sister has days and son in outside play soap bubble bubble, results, these originally only short exists of bubble bubble, is in lingxia9du of outdoor, was forever to solidification...... Beauty myths.


6, with his chest painted woman

I did not understand know on one issue, to the effect that is, how to deal with big boobs to bring their own inferiority complex – come on, if the body is God's gift to your most valuable, please go blind my eyes with pride, just as artists Marcey Hawk did:

This sister has a d Cup proud figure, but she does not seem inclined to hide for a tuck, but came up with a bold idea to show it-Yes, painting with it! Results, we on see has these praise to fly up of works, let people couldn't help will fantasy with it to for human painted ~ but sister of these works, and not simple to to attract eye, she of all paintings, all put to has online for sale, each Zhang price are in 500 dollars around, and these proceeds, she all donated to has Susan g Komen Foundation, to funding on breast cancer of research.

Great sister!


This picture, all unprocessed image to download: pan.Baidu