Sunday, August 9, 2015

How can a knife, fork, and spoon in the other three-in-one?

United Kingdom Department store Fortnum and Mason recently had a little trouble, they want to reduce the cost of takeaways and picnic food comes with tableware, and they came up with an idea, why not three-in-one knife, fork and spoon, which can reduce the cost of 2/3 dishes! They were touched by his wit, has turned the task over to a local design agency Map Studio and soon got the finished product, this is Tritensil, a versatile Western tableware:

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Just as Fortnum and Mason wanted to achieve the same effect, this Dinnerware collection knives, forks and spoons in the three functions, like a spoon as a whole on one side and add a bit of tooth structure, used as a cutting tool, while the front end into the fork ~ Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 cases

Simple design, had come from very distant, it is said that the first world war in the United Kingdom was popular among officers had a similar dish. How do you think that?

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