Monday, June 29, 2015

SUNPACK 12W Portable / Foldable Solar power 2014 Sale Off

SUNPACK 12W Portable / Foldable Solar Embater for Laptops, iPad, mobile phones. (include 12000mAH power bank with...

Buying high efficiency solar cells which last significantly more then 20 years. Include 12000mAH force bank which has built-in overcharge, leakage and over heat protection. Include 12000mAH power bank, 4 DC binding tips for cell phones, 11 laptop fittings, USB cable, AC charging adapter, suction cups for fixing on the windshield, stripes for car rooftop and a neoprene handbag. Provides 16V~20V auto-sensing output to charge mobile computer computers(up to 60W). 2 simple USB ports to charge small-scale electronic devices like mobile phones, iPhone, apple ipad, iPod, e-Book, GPS, etc .

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