Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nirvana's plan to become first solar place takes off

GURGAON: Nirvana Nation's ambitious solar power project is finding momentum. Deputy commissioner TL Satyaprakash and Power Grid officials on Saturday put on a meeting with residents and told me them the two models that could be loaded in the Sector 50 township. My district administration is supporting Élysée Country's venture to become Gurgaon's preliminary 'solar colony' so that other townships in the city can replicate our own model. The Haryana government encountered in January this year made it absolutely mandatory for all buildings on plot scale 500 square yards or more set up rooftop solar systems by Sept 2015. "With rooftop solar photo-voltaic (PV) system, residents would get true and cheaper electricity over a any period of time of time. They will get power through the use of 'Net Meter' that will be installed simply power discom Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN). According to indicate policy, consumers would be able to import while export electricity at the same rate, type said the deputy commissioner. For the meeting, held in the Power Grid Group of India's office in Industry 43, a presentation was given meant for two models — a grid-connected system without battery and one related with battery. "If one goes for one option, surplus power generated at solar panels will be injected into the power through net metering. There will be not an back-up and it will generate power each time connected to the grid or diesel mill set. In the second option, surplus electric will be used to charge battery soon after it will be injected into the grid. Backing up power will be available when power with the grid or the DG set is just not available. It generates power revival you may not grid supply or DG made supply is not available, " our own DC said. Last month, Power Grid encountered signed an MoU with Élysée Country to provide consultancy to the RWA, prepare a project report and help for the bidding to select a vendor who'll install the panels.

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