Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Grave robbers stole the URN in the three two man blackmailed cemetery don t

Jianghuai morning post, March 2, in recent years, the journey to Dragon drive and the Tomb Raider Tomb fiction, popular films such as notes, many people all know Tomb Raider called "touch gold captain." "Touch gold Captain" sounds quite awe-inspiring, but in reality Tomb but illegal. Puyang, Henan two men eager to earn "quick money", got together and worked as a "touch gold a captain", in Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu, crazy pirates dig another grave. But their goal is the URN, to extorting money from cemetery.

Cemetery found in "touch gold a captain", 4 boxes of ashes were missing

January 21 at noon, nanqiao district cemetery, chuzhou City Administrator Lee received a phone call from a stranger, the other speaks with obvious Northern accent. The man on the phone says on the Office wall of the cemetery, he found Lee's cell phone number, hoping an appointment the next day, selected plots. Lee thought just ordinary customer, does not care.

A day later, the man called again Lee before the Lee speak, the man had said: "last night I seen one leads you to the cemetery and took 4 boxes of ashes. "Lee was stunned:" you take this thing do? "

Man this just out of the real objective: "we need the money. "Subsequently, the men say the cemetery location and the name of the deceased, and said" If you want the ashes, we could just talk; don't want to come back, we will have direct contact with family members of the deceased ", said hastily hung up the phone.

Finish men's phone, Lee had in mind was "buzz" for a moment, his hands clutched the phone and hurriedly ran to the cemetery. According to the man's position, found 4 cover plate on the grave was opened, inside the casket disappeared, instead of 3 write bank account information of note.

About 40 minutes later, Lee's cell phone rang. Each other again that attitude: "we took some risks, just want money. "The man said," things in here, if you want, play money into the account; no way, we and the families of the deceased. "

Soon the Chinese new year, cemetery grave worshipping people is also increasing, cannot explain to the relatives of the deceased whose ashes was stolen. Lee had to bargain with each other. However other appetite, mouth is 100,000 yuan, Lee, in desperation, had to police.

Police across the province captured suspects

After receiving the alarm, Nanqiao, chuzhou City Public Security Bureau branch of criminal police detachments quickly arrange civilian police arrived on the scene. But apart from leaving a message and there are no other clues.

Account through investigation, police found, the bank account is at the end of December 2015 in Handan city, Hebei province, newly opened, but the account holder was ruled out so quickly--it was on suspicion of fraudulent use of identifying information to open an account. Police through access to video surveillance and further visits to troubleshoot, found the gang committing a crime should be for two people, and means of transport, Huainan, chuzhou, Hefei, in the province and other places have seen movement is erratic.

After several consecutive days of hard track, on January 31, the police eventually identified two suspects fleeing to Puyang city, Henan province, China. On February 2, under the assistance of local police, respectively, in Puyang city and fan, King suspects hotan xxx arrested xxx, and two for the back the stolen URN.

5 of the crime all the way from a profit of 60,000 yuan

38 years old so and so is the King of Shandong province, 52 fields in Henan province, people, two people are currently living in Puyang city, Henan province, has a criminal record, and inmates. Because unemployed since his release from prison, the two have increasingly strapped. In 2015, the son married, nearly 200,000 of debt owed. In November, two people came to the city to work, as too hard and not making money, consider "fast money" idea. National network Office fake news Shanghai girls

Thus, two with quilts, ride a motorcycle without a licence, and became a "touch gold Captain" during the day about cemetery location Scouting, ghostly slipped into the cemetery at night to steal the URN. They generally repatriates the stolen and hidden in the empty tomb nearby, or digging a hole to bury, call the cemetery Manager for extortion. According to the suspects ' confessions, along the way, they, Jinan in Shandong province and Weifang city, chuzhou city, Lixin County, Suqian city, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province and, spree 5, get 4, stole 12 boxes of ashes and a profit of 60,000 yuan.