Friday, March 25, 2016

Bigbang concert in Hangzhou 10 tons of garbage cleaning staff off white

Hangzhou, Zhejiang online news on March 25, "there you are, zhongxingpengyue; you go, a complete mess. Bigbang, you do not know, after Carnival, how bitter the sanitation workers, the city is, how dirty! "

The night of March 24, Korea popular men's day group Bigbang concert held in Hangzhou Dragon Sports Center. For more than two hours of time, more than 20,000 fans High over the audience. But not long after the end of the concert, a "litter around the yellow Dragon Sports Center" pictures caused heated discussion. Estimates March 24 total amount of debris created by Bigbang concert audience at 10 tons. Experts call for participation in events, be sure to talk about civilization, observe the etiquette, to public places as their home.

Bigbang concert in Hangzhou 10 tons of garbage, cleaning staff: off-white

Bigbang concert site litter

Pictures photographed by Netizen friends hot

The night of March 24, 2016Bigbang world tour Hangzhou huanglong Sports Center opened. How fire is Bigbang? Two hours before the start of the concert and surrounding roads have been blocked in huanglong sports center into a cocktail, all the infield tickets was fired shortly before the opening to the more than 3000 ... ...

After more than two hours, the popular concert at the screaming fans came to an end, viewers in droves exits.

However, in the following on the micro-blogging, micro-circle of friends, a picture is frequently forwarded – Netizen filmed after the departure of the yellow Dragon Sports Center on the ground, packing boxes, cardboard boxes, paper towels, plastic bags are everywhere, the distance, several are in charge of cleaning staff cleaning.

"Is simply a small dump their idol is not willing to see this scene. "A Netizen in the comment under the photo.

Hangzhou Shi Xiaojie is Bigbang's "die-hard fans", the night of March 24, she and her colleagues also go to see the concert, "a lot of people, nearly filled the stadium. "Ms see said, because usually likes to watch the concert, sometimes bring some snacks to the scene, also buy light sticks and stuff, so every time I go to her with a garbage bag, and again to pack the garbage thrown into the trash at the end.

Shi Xiaojie revealed to reporters the night of March 24 after the end of the concert she did see some young people casually throw drink cans and paper, "this is uncivilized, concert is a happy thing, but glad not to forget everything, polite habit is to follow. "

Concerts leave a junk cleaner through the night cleaning

Bigbang concert last year left the trash more

Starting from the night of March 24, a group of people silently busy in the huanglong Sports Center opened.

They are the sports center of the cleaner, from Hangzhou, a property management company. Mr Wu, head of the company told reporters that after the concert was over, more than more than 40 cleaning staff began to clean up and off the pitch.

"Probably around 10 o'clock in the evening to clean, to more than 12 points clear by about half. "Mr Wu said main garbage is sticks, poster paper and boxes, followed by the tea cups, bags and the like," our sending a garbage truck, filled a car back, the load weight about 6 tons of garbage truck. "

Not cleaned out the junk from the 25th at 5 o'clock in the morning, by the company of more than more than 20 cleaning personnel continued to clean up. Mr Wu estimated that total waste left over 10 tons.

Mr Wu told reporters on August 25 last year, Bigbang concert here in Hangzhou, a yellow Dragon sports center the litter left more. "We cleaned in the evening until 2 o'clock in the morning, and from 5 o'clock in the morning to the afternoon. "Mr Wu said that in times of peace when there is no performances and competitions, Dragon Sports Center road, amount to hundreds of pounds of garbage a day.

25th at 11 o'clock in the morning, reporters at the yellow Dragon Sports Center, floor there are 9 cleaner cleaning.

"Off white is full of plastic bottles, postcards, boxes and light sticks. "A cleaning lady told reporters.

"Kind of stickers is the most difficult cleaning, bent down and tear by hand one by one. Each concert, we're going to make overnight preparations. "The cleaning lady Jiang wayan said. Ambulance drivers in Sichuan province for 13 toll

Bigbang concert in Hangzhou 10 tons of garbage, cleaning staff: off-white

Expert: major events to strengthen self-discipline and heteronomy

As their home in public places

"Events after the emergence of such an uncivilized phenomenon, worthy of a good reflection. "Yang Jianhua, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Academy of social sciences society, promoting civility is essential, on behalf of a city's overall image.

Yang Jianhua thinks, improving the quality of citizens still has room for improvement, in General, need to be both self-discipline and heteronomy.

"Civility is about citizens ' personal qualities needed in life work imperceptibly and dead poets society. For individual citizens, first of all, to raise awareness, we have to be treated as their own public house. "

Yang Jianhua said, as government departments to strengthen supervision and protection work, such as in a large event is set when the more garbage, trash, volunteers in action to be added to the advice.

In addition, he also suggested that uncivil behaviour and personal credit system linked to the uncivilized behavior should be punished. "Self-discipline and heteronomy of a two-pronged approach to make fewer and fewer such phenomena, finally put an end to, and to make our society more and more civilized. "