Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Five good assists the Shanghai composite index jumped 2 77 to regain the 3 000

Five good assists, the Shanghai composite index jumped 2.77% to regain the 3,000-point

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets jumped higher on the day, followed by two barrels of oil, brokerage and other violence lifted heavy weights, index rapid upward. Journalists surging Zhu Weihui

Team rushed into Asia's top 12, shares have reasons not to fight?

On March 30, a-shares up again, under the five major bullish push helped index late success of 3,000 points.

Up close, Shanghai composite index at 3000.65 points, up 2.77% Shenzhen are growing exponentially at 10445.6, up 3.48% the gem index rose 2248.78 points, up 4.47%.

Turnover volume slightly between the two cities, in which the volume was 234.411 billion yuan in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market volume was 374.018 billion yuan.

Brokerage and petrochemical charge E rent treasure over 50 billion the amount of

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets jumped higher on the day, followed by two barrels of oil, brokerage and other violence under the lifting heavy weights, index rapid upward, high and volatile. Open in the afternoon, the two cities the subject plate rallied 33 stock steadily higher, closing at almost the highest level throughout the day.

The securities represented by the major financial, with two barrels of oil, make up the main, coloured plates because the price rebound, rising collective assists.

On the news, petrochemical Thirteen-Five plan will be published. According to the "Thirteen-Five" plan targets, petrochemical industry income is expected to rise by about 7%, reached 18.4 trillion yuan by 2020, in dissolving excess capacity, while consolidating and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate new industries, giving priority to development of new chemical materials and specialty chemicals, steady progress of modern coal chemical industry upgrade model.

Oil plate catalyst, Shanghai petrochemical jumped highest Sinopec also rose by more than 6%.

On the side, the sector also rose, titanium dioxide, higher transfer, Tibet, fluorine chemicals, oil modified stock gainers electronic invoicing, delivery service, pork back, road and rail transportation stocks rose.

Five big plus to bursting!

On March 30, rose, technical and news once again coincide with:

First, the Fed President Yellen later said overnight interest rates have to be careful, crush newly emerging April rate hike expectations, dovish tone boosted US stocks. Barclays expects the Fed will raise interest rates twice this year, in June and December, respectively, favor raising interest rates reduce the number of risk; JPMorgan Chase expects Fed rate hike as early as June of this year.

Second, the evening of March 29 annual report issued by the Bank, wholly-owned subsidiary of plane trees foreign exchange investment limited liability company started buying bank stocks, among the Bank, Shanghai Pudong development's top ten shareholders.

Third, central banks launched on 30th 60,000,000,007-day reverse repurchase, uncertainty increased liquidity in the market. Market analysts believe that the end of liquidity, the Central Bank reverse repo are expected to ease the pressure of the market.

SD IV, the latest weekly report showed last week (March 21 to 25th) number of new investors to 535,000 people, rose 1.52%, rose for the sixth consecutive week, market trading activity also continued to rebound sharply. Data show that when the number of shares involved in the transaction of the week investors 19.53 million people, has opened a-share accounts of investors 19%, rebounded sharply from 16.38% a week earlier.

V, the media reported that on March 28, the national social security fund management commissioned in multiple remit account totals about 10 billion yuan in funds for buying shares on the secondary market, and on that day to reconciliation, March 29 to enter the market.

A-shares will also create surprise?

Front open source Executive General Manager Yang DeLong from view, shares are expected to join Chinese soccer player to create surprises: line charge Yang!

Yang DeLong from view that second-quarter rebound goal is gradually regaining lost ground in the first quarter. Now a variety of positive factors in the gradually increasing policy support of the stock market has intensified, off acceleration in capital market.

First of all, the national social security fund on May 1 of the Ordinance came into force, means that there may be hundreds of billions of new money into the market in the second half.

Secondly, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Government enacted extremely strict restriction of credits measures may force large amounts of funds withdrawal from the market, and not too many opportunities in the real economy, financial product yield is too low, the funding for these higher risk appetite, the stock market became their preferred, these funds can be said to be a share of reinforcements.

"So every point of view, is a quarter of a rebound in the second quarter. "Yang DeLong from stress.

The other hand, Yang DeLong from say, judging from the recent economic data, China's macro-economic fundamentals have been stabilised, the supply side reforms supporting the concept of debt-equity swap, making the possibility of a hard landing in China disappeared, the fundamentals of the a-share market fall unilateral basis no longer exists. This year's relatively loose monetary policy remains neutral, liquidity remains ample in the context of shortage of asset allocation, a stock will gradually move from rebound to reverse.

Tianxin investment believe that index encountered strong upward pressure on the current 3,000 point, profit-selling and the stuck disc out of pressure, is expected to continue volatile short-term. Gem, is exorbitant due to stock proper sell operation. Of course, if, strong growth expected gem still led the flag of resistance, focusing on Internet banking, Internet security stocks.