Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wuhan women s pick up the machine but a cell phone by mistake or the owner or

Wuhan evening news, January 1, good employee Lily (pseudonym), "pick up the machine" will return the phone to its owner, really the owner appeared to know the wrong phone, Lili could face compensation liability. "The employee home difficult, hope the mistake others cell phone customer to phone back to Lily and give it back to the owner. "Lily's colleague, Wang said. Sichuan unattached seniors in order to apply for

On December 29 last year, about 9:30, hotel guests left, one surnamed JI Member micro payment of meals in the hotel. Jackie last name customers through this account just doesn't last long, Lily found charges on a cell phone on duty that day. Because there were no other customers in, Lily mistook the knot just taken account of this JI surname customers lost phone, quickly picked up the phone.

"This is your cell phone? "In the face of Li Li, JI surname customers do not know, from the hands of Li Li picked up the phone, direct sat parked in front of the hotel on the left.

Lily returns to the store checkout counter, in 20 minutes, really the loser in a hurry to come, said a mobile phone fall here, Lily asked what their phone, what color. Offer phone iPhone6, and color the owner, Lily found that he was careless, just pick up the phone or to the wrong person, phone displays shutdown. Boss after learning of the situation, quickly to the Citroen station alarm with Lily.

Subsequently, Li Li and colleagues view the hotel's monitored and found her name is customer information, because without leave a phone number in the Member record, until press time only, also failed to reach the wrong phone Marvin JI. "There is already alarming, if Marvin JI will take the initiative to return the phone, and we will make sure not to make any investigation will also appreciate it. "Lily said.

Li Li's colleague, Ms Wang, Lily hotel is an enthusiastic employee, salary is not high, general economic conditions, now also has a brother in school, the annual tuition fee has to give her part, if Lily compensation worth thousands of mobile phone, can not afford. "Expect this impersonator phone customers as soon as possible to the phone at the hotel, the hotel will also thank. "The King said.

(Formerly titled staff "pick up the machine" but also the wrong person)