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Land management law amendments to rural land is expected to be equal with the

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In recent years, various social contradictions caused by land are not uncommon. 25th from the 12th session of the national people's Congress Standing Committee 25th meeting was informed that the land administration law have been included in the 12 session of the national people's Congress legislative planning, rural land and State land cannot be the same market problems, the same rights and the same price is expected to be resolved.

National People's Congress environmental and resources delivered on the 12th session of the national people's Congress, the fourth meeting of the Bureau of the Committee to consider the motion proposed by the representative of deliberations pointed out that current land management law "targeting of arable land protection, use control as the core" land management system in order to protect farmers ' land rights, protection of cultivated land and security has played an important role in the course of industrialization and urbanization. But with industrialization, and town of of fast advance and real right method of issued implementation, existing land management system especially rural land management system and socialist market system not phase adapted of problem increasingly appeared, performance for land levy system not perfect, Homestead with benefits real right difficult implementation, land value-added returns distribution mechanism not sound, rural collective business sex construction with to cannot and State-owned construction with to equal market, and with price with right,. To this end, the members of the national people's Congress a motion, proposed to amend the land management law, taking into account the principle of dual property of land resources and assets, and adhere to the principle of equal protection of the rights, raising compensation standards. China s first space power develop a vision for

Deliberations show that in 2015, the national people's Congress authorizing the State Council National Organization of 33 counties in rural land expropriation, collective management of construction land market and land management system reform, proved feasible, revise and improve relevant laws. At present, the Ministry of land and resources has formed a preliminary draft amendment to the land management law.

National People's Congress environmental and resources Committee suggested that Pakistan-China Forum, relevant departments of the State Council should be a comprehensive summary of the pilot experience, actively absorb the recent reform of the land management practice and systems innovations, fully absorb the Bill proposal, pay close attention to complete the drafting work of a law.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Original title: land management law amendments to rural land is expected to be equal with the price of State-owned land in the market

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