Saturday, July 30, 2016

Two workers of Zhengzhou construction under power lines electrocuted residents

29th at about 9 o'clock in the morning, two workers when they lay the cable broadband installed in Zhengzhou, shocked and fainted to the ground before being rushed to hospital. Witnesses said threw the two men laying cables coil, distance too close to power lines, caused the network cable power, hitting two people. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Two workers of Zhengzhou construction under power lines electrocuted residents and rescue the Kiss: water over

Smoke under power lines

Two workers of Zhengzhou construction under power lines electrocuted residents and rescue the Kiss: water over

They rescue the casualty water over

Construction under power lines electrocuted two workers down to the water over

"Bang" sound, huayuan road, Jinniu road intersections nearby residents by surprise. It was about 9:10.

According to nearby residents described the sound similar to the sound of the explosion, but no smoke. Jinniu road, South of area residents to open the window and saw, in a Park fence, a cloud of white smoke rises slowly, two men lying on the ground motionless, pot watering to two people from the House.

Two people next to a pole, a burning cables, fire beats on the cable, and spread to the left end. Residents with a handheld fire extinguisher, at the flame, quickly put out the fire.

9:20, two fire trucks and two ambulances arrived at the scene. Firefighters get off after viewing to make sure no hidden danger left the scene after. Two ambulances transported one of the injured left the scene. Subsequently, two electric rescue vehicles rushed to the scene to view.

"A big explosion of noise, can be heard in the distance. "According to one nearby resident described, when he heard a noise, he opened the window and found, two of them were lying on the ground, still fuming.

Scene at yangjunliucun, although the village has been largely demolished but Jinniu road, on both sides there are still many warehouses and courtyards not demolition, roadside telephone poles and cables. Above the East-West cable, there is a North-South power lines. According to the warning signs on the ground, the high tension line for the 110,000-volt.

At the scene, a witness described, there were 3 workers are laying high-tension cable, 2 to the throwing line workers in construction, but too close to conductive wire from power lines, two people electrocuted in fall on the ground.

It is understood that the two victims are great wall broadband company's employees, about 27 years of age.

Injuries of the wounded were sent to a hospital emergency department in Henan province, was subsequently transferred to the in-patient Department of neurological surgery. After admission, he had been in a coma, from 11 o'clock in the morning, doctors to carry out the rescue. Another lesser injured and receiving treatment in the Hospital of coal. As of yesterday at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, injuries of workers are still in the rescue. Brain and heart of another minor workers subjected to electric shocks and frail, but not life-threatening, is currently in the surgical ward in the hospital.

High voltage electric shock not after watering, easier to form secondary shock

The scene of the accident, high-tension line is about more than 10 meters off the ground, power lines of the houses are very low. The outside wall of the housing, number of brushes "above a 110,000-volt", "close to the dangerous, beware of electric shock", "construction work under the prohibition of online" warning signs.

So, when cable installers is how to get a shock? On the cause of the accident, at present, the police are still investigating.

Lixiao introduced engaged in high voltage transmission line construction work, 110,000-volt power from top to bottom 5 to 6 meters high risk range, once given electric shocks, survival unlikely. 6 meters to 10 meters range for induction electric ranges, in this range, if there is a conductive object, even if there is no contact with power lines, also have inductive power transfer, the danger of a little less than high risk range, but can be life-threatening.

Lixiao also warns of high voltage electric shock not after watering, watering easier to form the second shock. In addition, suddenly is not conducive to the body heat of cooling exports.

In case of high-voltage electrical accident, 120 timely rescue, or 120 is on its way this time, injured in soil should be lying flat on the ground and hands buried with soil, which played conductive effect, waiting 120 rescue.

Zhengzhou power company staff, 110,000-volt no insulation protection, the line above and below 10 m line access, construction is strictly prohibited. If people really need construction, be sure to notify the local power sector, power sector will be providing safety advice or professional workers to the scene to assist in the construction. Taobao is filled with fake VR glasses some costs