Monday, November 10, 2014

Kate Spade & Co Earns Weighty Rating from Barclays (KATE)

Kate Spade & Co (NASDAQ: KATE)'s stock had its "overweight" history reissued by stock analysts during Barclays in a report issued directly on Friday. They currently have a $41. 00 price target on the stock, on from their previous price target connected with $50. 00. Barclays' target value tag indicates a potential upside of thirty-two. 43% from the stock's previous comparable.

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KATE has been the subject of a a considerable other recent research reports. Experts at Bank of America reiterated a "neutral" rating on companies of Kate Spade & This really is in a research note on November 25th. They now have a $33. 00 value tag target on the stock, up before from $28. 00. Separately, industry experts at Wunderlich reiterated a "buy" rating on shares of Kate Spade & Co in a background work note on Monday. They now excellent $36. 00 price target on top of the stock. Finally, analysts at Mizuho initiated coverage on shares connected with Kate Spade & Co the research note on Thursday, Oct 30th. They set a "neutral" rating and a $28. 00 value tag target on the stock. Four purchase analysts have rated the stock accompanied by a hold rating and five bring issued a buy rating in the stock. Kate Spade & This really is currently has an average rating connected with "Buy" and a consensus target tariff of $36. 90.

Kate Spade + Co (NASDAQ: KATE) traded on 2 . 42% on Friday, screaming $30. 21. 4, 086, 127 shares of the company's stock traded in hands. Kate Spade & This really is has a 52 week low connected with $24. 07 and a 52 monday high of $42. 87. The have available has a 50-day moving average connected with $26. 99 and a 200-day switching average of $33. 49. Bully dog has a market cap of $3. 834 billion and a price-to-earnings ring gear to pinion gear ratio of 18. 76.

Kate Spade & Co (NASDAQ: KATE) really released its earnings data directly on Tuesday, August 12th. The company announced $0. 05 EPS for the installment, beating the Thomson Reuters total estimate of ($0. 01) by the $0. 06. The company had cash flow of $266. 00 million the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate connected with $237. 83 million. On average, industry experts predict that Kate Spade + Co will post $0. 20 earnings per share for the found fiscal year.

Kate Spade + Co, formerly Fifth & Hawaiian Companies Inc, designs and industry a portfolio of retail-based, amount brands, including Juicy iPhone 5 case, KATE SPADE and LUCKY BRAND.

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