Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brooklyn Based Brook Brovaz Presents Coola "I'm Gucci"

Brooklyn Based Stream Brovaz Presents Coola "I'm Gucci iPhone 5"

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Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, NY Coola is an upcoming artisan with styles that will blow paper hearts. His new single I'm Gucci iPhone shows his diversity and consume spit while still making a fun group song. The high production value of "I'm Gucci" cannot be overstated. Coola's design, rhymes, and delivery are i'm all over this and heavy hitting. The beat is in fact deep, clean, and bear ongly a touch of the old school, like many of the right releases listeners have come to expect due to Brook Brovaz artists. Though Coola himself is a young rapper, speedy talent belies a mature, experienced hip-hop performer with class, taste, yet remarkable ability. His urban finery is clever and stylish, never crass, and spat with a rat-a-tat distaccato that is easily capable of flying the to the top of his movement and beyond. Outside his totally obvious musical abilities, Coola is also a stand-up artist of great character and humbleness.

Coola is signed to Brook Brovaz, a Brooklyn based label, an machine that is consistent with the construction in the platinum sound. Brook Brovaz has worked with some of the hottest upcoming across Grammy award winning platinum recording artisan. With the combination of musically inclined companies and a plethora of diverse songwriters, magic is always the outcome of the not to mention product. With those accolades past due Coola, his first single put out I'm Gucci, is currently heating typically airwaves, blog sites, and the streets in every state. Brook Brovaz is the place Coola calls home and as a family they'll continue to contribute phenomenal bodies of to the music industry. Stay tuned in his upcoming singles "Man past due the Legend" and "Truth" troubles his album 'The Man Delinquent The Legend'.