Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jiangxi Shangrao female laolai resigned from the district people s Congress

Surging for news (www.thepaper.CN) on October 18, "female old Lai Wangying guangfeng, Jiangxi Shangrao district deputies-elect", a night at 10 o'clock, surging guangfeng district propaganda Department staff to news that Diana had resigned from guangfeng District Office of the 16th session of the national people's Congress representatives. Electronic invoice meets cold printing costs passed

Jiangxi Shangrao female laolai resigned from the district people's Congress representative, Shangrao guangfeng district: accountability will continue to

Shangrao television interviews with Diana video

On October 17, in Dongguan, Chen hua (pseudonym) to news reports say the surging, 3.5 million yuan of money owed in Dongguan have not, names also in the national list of lose the trust of the people in the Diana, elected deputies of the guangfeng district, Shangrao city, Jiangxi province, makes it very puzzling.

Chen said that because of cash-flow, from December 2013, Diana to borrow a total of 3.5 million yuan from Chen three times. After the expiry of the loan, he repeatedly found Diana, Diana has been no repayment, starting from October 2014, without paying interest.

On October 11, guangfeng, he was released by the Agriculture Council on information, leading agricultural enterprises in guangfeng guangfeng district, Shangrao 7 were elected the 16th National People's Congress, Diana is one of them.

Guangfeng district propaganda department circular shows that recently, the media published the female old Lai Wangying was elected news of guangfeng, Jiangxi Shangrao district people's Congress. In this regard, guangfeng district, Shangrao city people's Congress Standing Committee attach great importance to, and quickly set up team to investigate in the first verification.

In the course of investigation, Diana admitted to conceal from the Organization in Guangdong and the fact that person a payment dispute. In order to ensure that the people's Congress of CPC on October 18, guangfeng County, Shangrao City area 16th meeting of the Standing Committee for the first time decided to accept Diana resigned from the district people's Congress representative's request. In accordance with the relevant provisions on behalf of, Diana representation terminates. Next, guangfeng district will also be responsible for accountability.