Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kunming health school teacher threatened the girls with obscene words seduce

School teachers in Kunming were found to fail threatens girls having sex, the school in response to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), said Hu QQ numbers may be stolen, exception logging. On January 12 the report is issued, events God reversed!

The afternoon of January 12, Yunnan zhaotong, well-known online @ music live news sent a report on the surging to agent 6 class teacher Hu be expelled from the Government's decision, decided to say obscene words seduce girls for Hu, and threatens the health of a true, punishment imposed dismissed from the Board.

Kunming municipal health office staff confirmed to the news the surging, the decision should be true. Following is the full text of the decision: according to the students ' parents, January 11, telephone reporting, pharmacy 6 class teacher Hu in the evening of January 10 and Zhu in the process of with QQ chat, girls in the class, heavy use of obscene words, seduce the girl, and threaten the health, content uploaded micro-sites in Yunnan province. After school officials learned that immediately set up an investigation group, and Hu talk survey process, Hu extremely bad attitude, not to the organization stated the truth, hiding, refused to say I QQ, passwords being stolen by others, for others and songming County economic development zone management committee police station alarm.

Kunming health school: teacher threatened the girls with obscene words seduce, true, has been expelled from the Government

Chat log content vulgar.

Kunming health school: teacher threatened the girls with obscene words seduce, true, has been expelled from the Government

Chat content display "believe it or not I give you all fail."

Report, school leaders repeatedly told Hu that the severity and the impact of the event, Hu under pressure to tell the truth: QQ chat obscene-speak for himself. D311 train failure delayed for 10 hours without

In view of Hu being a teacher without using QQ network tools and this girl talking about obscene material, to intimidate the students through student screenshot upload QQ chat to micro-Yunnan, events come to light after the micro-blogging site. This event occurred Hou, Hu a I attitude is bad, never on students and the parents apologized, deliberately on school organization hide facts truth, which on students physical and mental and the parents caused has great hurt, to students honorary caused has great damage, also tarnished has people teachers of glory title, by January 12 school will research decided: according to People's Republic of China teachers, decided give Hu a fired public of administrative sanctions.