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Family for Joe Heilongjiang 20 pay Note baking bread to eat light bulb heating

"Editor's note"

In 2015, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) was first reported in China old age (50 years) the living situation of migrant workers. This total has soared to about 46.85 million group into the spotlight.

This a "Grandpa" generation of groups, for money subsidies household, uprooted dry with most bitter most tired of physical live, even by eat meat to added physical; to escape check (some provinces "is strictly prohibited 60 age above farmers workers line job", and "ban 55 age above farmers workers into some dangerous post"), some elderly also dye black hair......

End of the year, "family for Joe" who struggled for nearly a year, can be completed on schedule to get the hard earned money of their own? Surging news conducted a survey, and gone to Heilongjiang, Hubei, Sichuan and other places, their unpaid experience.

We can't let "family for Joe" sweat and tears.

 On November 24, 2015, shuangyashan Jixian County, Heilongjiang province, migrant workers pay. This pictures are surging journalist Cheng Yi-hui

On November 23, the Heilongjiang province Jixian longteng logistics market, the 62-year old migrant worker Shao Gui-a person stayed in an abandoned shed in silence.

Here near the border with Russia, Siberian winds blow through, the outdoor temperature is lingxia20℃.

No heating in the barracks, wash water had frozen in a plastic basin. Shao Lao were shivering with cold and nose run. He kept rubbing his hands, want to be warm.

Still shed, can sometimes hear the voice of Shao old teeth.

Shao Laoyou, can go. On May 4, 2015, Shao Guihe led 4 workers to Jixian County, is located in the city of "happy home • commercial square". Not expected, developer-Heilongjiang completed real estate development co Ltd (hereinafter "Heilongjiang built real estate company") owes it to them paid 29,500 Yuan.

Will do a year, unpaid failed, Shao Lao forced into eating two buns a day, picking up scrap days.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) received a pay list display, built from Heilongjiang province Jixian real estate company "international community", "happy home • commercial square" two projects, as of press time owes a total of 382 of migrant workers (including Shao Guihe) 6.617 million yuan of wages, are mostly elderly migrant workers in respect of arrears.

At present, the local police investigation, saying money for migrant workers.

Jixian County, Heilongjiang built real estate developed by the company of "international community", "happy home • commercial square" project sales center.

A light bulb and two buns

This is an abandoned shed, there are more than more than 10 empty bed.

From May 4, 2015 to "happy home • commercial square" site, Shao Gui has been living in the shed. With the other workers continue to leave, now, here he was the only one.

It was cold, Shao Gui to find workers leave sheets, gathered around the iron bed, just wind. Laying in the bed two thin quilt and workers to stay. Hubei shayang 172 teachers transfer when the Security

At night, he slept with the body coat, curled up, with a hat over his head tightly. However, there is a wind get in the neck ... ...

Shao Gui he often woke up in the middle. Sometimes it's too cold, he woke up and turned on the light, move the wire together with the light bulb to the bed, on the temperature of the bulb for warmth.

62 year old Shao Gui rub hand in the shed, and worked for many years has had his hand begins to deform, temperature drops when the pain is unbearable.

Shao Guihe, born in 1953, ANDA, Heilongjiang Flint Shan Xiang Tai Ping Cun people. Two daughters had married. Homes there are 18 acres of land, four thousand or five thousand Yuan income each year, most of the time to make ends meet.

From 2009 onwards, Shao Gui family to dissuade travelled to Harbin, Daqing and other construction sites, mainly moving bricks, hard work, and about 4000 Yuan income each month. The cold of the North, only seven or eight months of the year to work, can earn 25,000 yuan.

Get rid of all kinds of spending and favor, left about seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan every year, Shao Gui-think it was much better than staying at home farm. This is the 6th year he worked away, as usual, Shao Gui in early October to go home with their families prepare for the new year, don't go out until April next year. But this time, he wishes did not materialize.

Prior to that, he can earn 120 Yuan per day. To earn points, in addition to normal working time, he volunteered to work most of the time, and worked more than 10 hours a day. Shao Guihe said, don't look at the age of 62, working more than thirty or forty young men strong; to ensure the physical, during working hours, he often buy health products such as honey, Royal Jelly takes.

July 5 projects completed, repeated delays in wages by developers. Shao Guihe did have been wage experience, foreman and developer commitment will be honoured, but this time it seems to be in sight.

Were wage workers in commercial shed baked bread to eat in the square.

5 migrant workers were owed, including Shao Guihe paid 29,500 Yuan. Among them, Shao Gui is owed 9000 Yuan. Beg for money failed, Shao Gui-talk 4 workers to go home, he left behind continued to beg for money.

Money days, Shao Gui-eat a lot of suffering. On July 9, he saw an old man begging on the street, can ask the foreman to the cost of living, he found only 1 Yuan to the elderly. Not expected, calls foreman for money just get: "no money. "

Penniless Shao Gui-"silly" in place.

But life must continue. He wanted to pick up waste can make some money. The first day, Shao Gui-pick up scrap sold for 5 cents. Best time of day 8 Yuan in income, but more than 5 Yuan a day on average.

Shao Gui-picking up litter, unpaid wages have made him exhausted, in order to live he had to live on picking up litter to sell.

In order to save, Shao Gui-only 1 Yuan a day to buy two steamed buns to eat. Can't stand sometimes, he has to spend 5 cents on left near a vegetable market vegetable or potato back and put into the pan with clean water, boiled them, in fact.

Unexpectedly, on September 20, the Cook pot has also been the site of other people away. Shao Lao began to eat two steamed buns every day to get by. A long time, greedy, sick, he is "luxury" once, to a nearby Mall spent two Yuan to buy a cake.

Shao Guihe said, when I first came to the site, he is 1.70 m tall, naked weigh 65 kg, has now put on winter clothes and only 55 kg.

Life is poor, no oil, significant weight loss, he felt his body grew poor, always cold.

Shao Guihe's shoes, clothes and hat, all picked up when scrap, well-wishers gave him. Soles wear a hole in ice while walking into, melt wet. Pick up waste, his hands were exposed for a long time, was frozen out of shape, 10 fingers bent.

Shao Gui not will tell the family what had happened. A few days ago, my wife and daughter called and asked. "Don't worry, I ate well on the site, to dress warm. "He pretended to be easy to tell the family. Telephone that his wife did not believe, to see him, he refused. Hang up the phone, Shao Gui has been in tears.

Holding worker Xiao Liu to fried rice, Shao Gui-a rare smile.

The morning of November 23, workers Liu brought him an egg fried rice. Shao Gui-shovel, eat up. He said that since this is his site one eat the most delicious meal.

Shao Guihe said he must pay before they go home, otherwise no face to workers. But Shao Gui-insufficient blood supply to the brain, and myocardial ischemia, he wondered, to carry her body in the winter long.

In an interview, Dragon logistics market a man aware of migrant workers living in the shed, he says, worried about cold old people were frozen to death, ready to shed the other day down and remind Shao Gui-looking for legroom.

A set of tools, a bunch of pill boxes

When you see 60 year old Wang Hongxing, he has packed his hammer, iron tools such as saws, ready to Chongqing to work in a few days.

Wang Hongxing is a Carpenter. He said that before the Spring Festival has for some time, he will have to earn more money, or no money to see his wife, and no money for the new year.

Progress asked pay case workers in the County Public Security Bureau, Wang Hongxing stand alone smoke in the hallway.

Wang Hongxing village of Jixian County, Heilongjiang province, Fu Li Zhen Dong Hui people, his wife Jiang Fenghua has years of diabetes, rheumatism and kidney disease. As early as 1990, Honsen Wang started to work, was one of the early migrant workers in China.

Wang Hongxing lived in the House for Adobe, Top Gallant, less than 60 square meters. Poor economic conditions at home, winter, home heating other villagers to burn coal or natural gas, he was burning wood or corn stalks.

Said Wang Hongxing, home expenses should be at least 700 Yuan a month, where to buy medicine for his wife Jiang Fenghua is 400 Yuan. In the King's bed, so many drugs used to treat diabetes, rheumatism and kidney disease.

Mention of his illness, Jiang Fenghua up the hook eye. Makin her remorse was ill the whole family. Over the years, her husband Wang Hongxing working outside money, mostly for her illness.

Since there is no get paid, in the last few months of living expenses and the costs of medicines, was borrowed from relatives. Heard of cactus and Aloe on kidney disease treatment, Jiang Fenghua plant these plants at home, juice drink, think of some drug money could be saved.

Wang Hongxing lived in the House for Adobe, Top Gallant, less than 60 square meters. Poor economic conditions at home, winter, home heating other villagers to burn coal or natural gas, he was burning wood or corn stalks.

The cold northern winter, the cactus and Aloe, is the only Royal color.

Wang Hongxing told the word news, worked for 25 years, he is first encountered in arrears. On August 2 last year, King and 3 other workers to come to "happy home • commercial square" working foreman Luo Yuhong say monthly payroll. Available at the time, had no money to give. Luo vowed that the developers say, money is sure to let Wang Hongxing migrant workers continue to work.

Two months later, Wang Hongxing of builders ' main project is completed, he should get paid 10,500 Yuan. However, foreman and the developers have said they have no money. Helpless, he and coworkers had to return to the home. Starting from last October, he along with other workers, find developers and building several times to discuss pay, nothing came of it.

In an interview, Wang Hongxing will suddenly remove his trousers to the knee, he cried, and said: "these days, who is still wearing the patch pants? "

Because did not get the money, he had no money to buy pants, pants are worn out they make themselves, have filled several ... ...

Wang also said that he was lucky. Workers wages suffered by his side, wages have not got some four or five years ago.

Two projects, a group of "Grandpa"

Surging news days of interviews found in Jixian County, Heilongjiang, "international community", "happy home • commercial square" construction sites for the two projects, and Shao Guihe, Wang Hongxing similar experiences of elderly migrants.

Liu Yutian lambaste developers, because it was cold, and he has been cold for a long time. Speaking, he couldn't stop coughing.

64-year old migrant worker Liu Yutian, lindian County, from Heilongjiang. It was cold, and he has been cold for a long time, speaking, coughing. Afraid of colds to coworkers, he always wears a mask.

In May, Liu Yutian Jixian as the villagers came to work, "international community", "happy home • commercial square" two project Builder's handyman, 120 Yuan/day. In early October, completion of the main works of the project, Liu Yutian was arrears of 15,800 Yuan.

60 year old Jia Liping project site in two electricians, pay 5000 Yuan a month. He was in arrears of 60,000 yuan, from September 23 to site developers only gave him the name of 9000 to cover living expenses.

Jia Liping from last September to site developers wage of 60,000 yuan.

50 years of waiting, last May from his hometown in Shanxi province led 6 villagers came to the site to carry bricks, the results were owed pay 130,000 yuan. After the completion of 6 workers to other site work, and delegate in the general waiting list of the money left on site. Say the old workmates called him almost every day for money, he was almost driven crazy.

Many migrant workers said, their basic salary is calculated on a daily basis, day to day money, not doing it will be out of money. At the site, there is strength in order to earn more, not physical, they earn less. In many cases, you want to eat meat and buy nutritional supplements to add strength.

This proven approach, a consensus was already reached among elderly migrant workers. "Don't eat meat, where hard work?! "Migrant worker Zou Bozheng said that strength, we all work hard.

Migrant workers from Inner Mongolia Han Guifen said developers promised housing caps later cashed all her money. For the duration, we work overtime, on site at 5:30 A.M. every day, until about 8 o'clock in the evening after work. Most of the time, only four or five hours of rest a day. A five-storey building with 60,000 square meters, main part of the project was completed in only two months.

Zou Bozheng in unpaid using bread to eat, his elderly migrant workers have more than 20 people.

Han Guifen said, "pain point, tired, we all recognize", but in the end the developers do not give money, now there is no fare home.

On November 25, the surging news found that the two sites most of the migrants had set off for home, left unpaid 21 migrant workers, with the exception of Shao Gui shared outside the abandoned barracks in longteng logistics market, the rest in the "happy home • commercial square" site shed, no heating in the room, we rely on two baking stove.

At noon, on a Roast Turkey on the stove over more than 20 buns, even lunch. Zou Bozheng said that for a long time, he and coworkers eat bread every day to stave off hunger.

On this day, perhaps burnt buns are too hard, migrant worker Liu Yutian broke off a piece in my mouth, drink water, or is being choked.

Builders Pan Hao, head of the project said that migrant workers suffer the wage, mostly aged over 50 years of migrant workers, of which up to 64 years old; no one buys insurance.

Commitment is not money

Jixian involving arrears of "international community", "happy home • commercial square" project, what kind of projects? Protracted arrears why?

"Happy love • commercial square" hanging banners.

Surging news interviews, the developers of both projects are built real estate company in Heilongjiang province. At present, the "international community" has been completed, and "happy home • commercial square" project completion.

Builders Pan Hao, head of the project said starting in May 2013, he began construction of "international community", "happy home • commercial square" in two projects. As agreed by the parties, the "international community" monthly progress payments, "happiness home • commercial square" project CAP payments after 90%. Not expected, when completed, developers are selling bad on the grounds and refused to pay the money.

Pan Hao said he had paid the cost of 12 million Yuan, developers owed more than 50 million Yuan, now simply cannot afford to.

Pan Hao described, because migrant workers are from each team, the foreman is responsible for construction, he had to list of wages and salaries reported to the established real estate company make direct payment of wages for rural migrant workers; from the current situation, only here he 382 involving migrant workers, wages 6.617 million Yuan.

Daily call Zou Bozheng workers have some of the money makes him out of breath. Standing in a happy home • commercial square loft, he made a phone call to my parents.

Heilongjiang built real estate company General Manager Jin Tuo confirmed that the company does have farmer workers ' wages, but the exact number and amount is not clear.

He said the main reasons leading to this situation is the Bank to release the loans, as well as the company and the County Government did not complete other procedures for the settlement of, leading to cash flow difficulties. Jin Tuo said, the company is actively coordinating to ensure full cash owed wages for rural migrant workers in late November.

Many migrant workers said that starting from last October, we have had no less than 20 times to find developers for money, they are all kinds of reasons to shuffle.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Jixian County, began to turn to human resources and social security of migrant workers, or write to the national Office of the complaints. Even the peasant representative to the Heilongjiang shuangyashan Jixian and banners and chanting slogans in front of Government pay, asking the Government to come forward to get money back for the coordination, but with little success.

The afternoon of November 13, 21 migrant workers braved, climbed the "international" community top money, wanted to attract attention.

On November 14, spent a whole night of migrant workers on the roof, finally seeing progress. The same day, Heilongjiang written commitments from established real estate company, agreed on November 19 farmers ' salaries are paid in arrears to migrant workers ' hands. However, migrant workers in hope and anxiety secondary to the 19th, but still did not get a penny.

Jixian County human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor supervision team Vice Captain Li Jian said, reflect the wages of migrant workers that is the case. On January 28 this year, the County's human resources and Social Security Bureau informed of the investigation, respectively head of the Heilongjiang into real estate companies and construction companies Pan Hao issued an order to require time to pay wages for rural migrant workers, but refused to pay, had to remit the case to the police.

Migrant workers in the County's Public Security Bureau asked pay case progress, Public Security Bureau, economic and cultural security Brigade Workshop Instructor Liu Zhenghong (left) to migrant workers in guaranteed money for them.

Jixian County Public Security Bureau said economic and cultural security Brigade Workshop Instructor Liu Zhenghong a surging news, at present, the police have built in Heilongjiang province real estate company head Pan Hao refused to pay wages for rural migrant workers and builders case investigation, will crack down on hidden assets, stiff, hard earned money for migrant workers.

He also revealed that from January this year, the County's police handled the Labor Department refused to pay remuneration for the transfer of 20 cases, involving 20 million Yuan.

On December 2, the Jixian County Public Security Bureau with "signs and shouting slogans, such as to the door County petition over unpaid, seriously disturbing their normal working order" grounds, Zou Bozheng, Fuquan Zhang, Han Guifen and 5 other migrants administrative warning, another Huang Tingan was 10th in administrative detention.

Wang Hongxing walking on their way home. Unpaid, he does not know when it comes to an end.

As of December 20, Zou Bozheng, who said migrant workers, coordinated by the Public Security Bureau of Jixian County, Heilongjiang province real estate company built temporary living expenses to be paid 50,000 yuan of wages of migrant workers. The company General Manager Jin Tuo "guarantee the end of November all migrant workers ' wage" commitments remained unfulfilled.