Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gao Degang voice navigation is born

"Editor's note" guide map published recently a laughing version, in addition to the regular broadcast "deceleration, cornering, and reach the destination" beyond the basic navigation, the biggest feature is based on scenario to Guo degang teases language tips for unique real time traffic information.

A lot of people are curious about: why was Guo degang? "Turning on the right, you can never go wrong" is already recorded a complete sentence? One of the following is based on a guide map product manager "spent underpants" dictation sorting out the articles.

Why was Guo degang?

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Driving navigation has become an important channel for interacting with mobile maps, and because of the uniqueness of driving, voice navigation became the important features of mobile maps play a guiding role. We signed Lin Chi-ling as a spokesperson, and created a "celebrity voice navigation" concept. Lin Chi-ling as a guide map, "Goddess"-level spokesmen, a featured voice-guided navigation to help guide maps enhance the reputation of many brands, but there are a lot of female friends need new voices beyond the Lin Chi-ling.

Driving in many cases is in fact a very dull, boring thing, especially in Beijing. If the standard of Lin Chi-ling "baby music" is not your type, you might need a new navigation voice to "refreshing".

Our cooperation with Guo degang became operational in the second half of last year, selects Guo degang is actually a win-win situation: as a travel map with more than 300 million users, Guo degang's endorsement is a strong addition to its exposure and for high, famous crosstalk Performer Guo degang identity compatible with the product characteristics--professional and funny. Internet application development tools today, has not much difference on the basis of the function, human nature, entertainment, individual becomes the new ways of the differentiation, and Guo degang is a excellent choice of chemical reaction with the guide map.

I remember at the end of last year organized a Google map on the navigation voice stars choose to vote, Ms Lin Guo won the 12th place. In fact, Google map before conducting research, we have been a related study, combining the features of navigation voice, we have foreseen such a result, suitable for navigation and has not many lists of featured artists, but also that we signed these two do represent user needs and voices.

On December 18 last year, happy navigation guide map officially organized the press conference, we witness guide map DAU hit a record high, the whole city and social media are all talking about Guo degang to guide map provides voice-guided navigation, we know, we checked on by Guo degang, "Gao Degang" as a case of successful Internet products. Since its December 18, 2014, the two sides announced, high-activity map products continued to rise – which released user rate by 230% daily active users increase reached 36%, guide map in the Apple App Store ranking highest on the list was also rushed to the 2nd. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

How to Guo Lin Chi-ling "loaded" into the High German map?

A lot of users are very strange, why Guo Lin Chi-ling to our broadcast complex names, roads and navigation voice, in fact we use a TTS voice synthesis technology. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Early in the production, we will be in the studio recording some of the fixed stars statement sounds, such critical statements about more than 2000 words, Lin Chi-ling was in Taiwan spent three days recording, Miss Guo has recorded in the last three days, is very hard. Then, we will analyze the voice their statements, extracts details their respective rules of sound, voice, tone, and more features, through a series of complex algorithms for speech synthesis, to fill in the navigation voice "variable word" is missing, so as to form a complete and smooth-star voice navigation voice.

Compared with Lin Chi-ling, Guo's voice navigation version adds all kinds of funny jokes, such as "vehicle into the front, not touch the car, don't touch! "," In front of the accident-prone, tanks had been knocked off! ", So Guo, the workload of the teachers was exceptionally large, high joke content is through our Germany map departments as well as the broad masses of netizens brainstorming came up, by Guo degang teacher participation, determined to put the quotes in the navigation voice and cut to the appropriate length, decide in which appears in the navigation.

While, we also launched has several compared popular of dialect navigation voice package, this for part user does is personalized needs, but according to user feedback view, Lin Chi-ling, and Guo degang and dialect navigation voice of synthesis effect also is is good of, especially star voice, has star features, synthesis restore degrees high, Lin Chi-ling and Guo degang of fans are also are is like, is certainly we of technology.

Currently, gold is the only company able to offer star voice navigation throughout the Internet map makers. Friends is really lacking in this regard, expensive sign star in a family of 7 words, switch back and forth and standard female voice Guide, sounds like a Division.

There is one episode: Guo degang navigation voice laughing version of the update, we will not only enhance the quantity and quality of Guo degang satin, also joined the random quotes feature in all important navigation scenarios, for example, in turn prompting scenarios, there are 5 tips in the speech database scripts were randomly selected to play, it adds more fun, making users feel happy. But is such a seems simple of changes, for development of pressure is is big: random voice function of increased need on SDK traditional schema and the logic for major changes even override, being PM also has been suffered with is big of pressure, but eventually development team also is in a tank and a tank x cattle (and PM) of spur Xia completed has this items function of online--so, a good of voice navigation also need has a motivated and Ken spell of team.

A good voice-guided navigation standards?

Recently Lin Chi-ling Oriental TV program in the mood when the sister was ridicule as "Goddess of navigation", so that did not put the show's surprises. Therefore, celebrity endorsements should be so: to achieve the win-win stars both brand and product, and that is to build strong association, becoming each other's attributes and tags.

But while, I also think a good of voice navigation never just is Lin Chi-ling and Guo degang, March 13 Gold released Guo degang version of voice navigation laughter version when, gold Deputy President Dong Zhenning said: "if to do a professional of voice navigation, we to note four a points, first a points is called precise of; second a points called intelligent of; third a called human; fourth a called entertainment of. "

We think "four modernizations" Zhijian should is layer Layer progressive of relationship: precise of refers to of is, support navigation module of bottom data must complete accurate, this is products of State body of this, gold in this field has near 13 years of professional by; and in data accurate of based Shang, on can using big data technology achieved "intelligent of", provides escape hold blocking and route preferred planning, pain points function; human is is pursuit experience aspects of extreme, for example voice tips timing right, and user understanding threshold low. And the entertainment was imported stars of various elements such as interesting speech, let users enjoy professional service and can genuinely feel the happiness.

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