Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kenzo Takes Over Printemps in Paris

APPRÉCIÉ GOES Kenzo eye: A psychedelic sales space for selfies, salty-caramel popcorn and as a consequence iBeacon technology are all part of Kenzo's invasion of Printemps in Paris, france. The French brand has created a piture, and surreal backdrop for its six-week pop-up store located in an conseil space at the department store's Arrivée Haussmann flagship. Inaugurated Thursday, enough room that was humming with young consumers gazing up at giant mannequins stepping out of mirrors, echoing Kenzo's David Lynch-inspired advertising campaign. Kenzo and as a consequence Printemps also created a dedicated instance, which includes a treasure hunt for letters all over about the pop-up, which when recognized create dazzling special effects on hand held devices, and a chance to win a definite sweater. On offer is a selection of their fall-winter collections for men and women, Kenzo's emerging Kalifornia leather goods range regarding 30 exclusive products and prereleases originally from collections designed by creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. People who downloaded the app would be directed to the pop-up, and Kenzo's permanent third-floor shop, from the moment they can cross the threshold at Printemps, thanks the iBeacon technology a senses the locations of androids. Also on Thursday, Printemps shown five windows displaying the collection with settings inspired by Lynch émissions.

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